Youth Board

Mission: To foster opportunities for Camp LUCK teens to provide service and develop leadership qualities while having fun.  

Seri Paquette

board member

I'm Seri Paquette and I have Tetralogy of Fallot. I love Camp LUCK because I loved meeting and hanging out with people that are going through some of the same things as me. I serve on the Camp LUCK Youth Board because I want to help spread the word about Camp LUCK and get more people involved with it.  

Kaylin Nolan

Board member

Hi!  My name is Kaylin Nolan and I am one of the new members of the Camp LUCK Youth Board. I am a sibling. I absolutely love Camp LUCK because of the community that has grown from it and how they are always open armed to newcomers. I want to serve on the board because I want to help the people who have made everything that has happened in my family easier. I look forward to meeting everyone and being here to support you.

Mattie Polen

Board member

My name is Mattie Polen. My heart defect was Arterial Septal Defect (ASD). I love Camp LUCK because I get to have fun with all my new friends. It is a great time to be with people that have been through similar life experiences.  I am on the Youth Board because I love Camp LUCK and I want others to have as much fun as I do at the Camp Luck events.

Chase Collins

board member

My name is Chase Collins and I am 12 years old.  My sister, Cassidy, has a heart defect. The reason that I love Camp LUCK so much is because of the friends that I have there and the skills that I have learned and been able to teach others. The friends I have made over the years have turned into family and I want others to feel the same way. I joined the Youth Board to be able to support Camp LUCK and make it a better place for all to have this same feeling and process; whether you have a heart condition or not.