Camp LUCK, Lucky Unlimited Cardiac Kids,  began when the passions of four people merged. Jay “Bird” Thompson and René Herlong had a vision of creating a summer camp for children with significant heart disease. They pitched this idea to a meeting of the family support group, Levine Cardiac Kids. At that meeting, they learned that they had two very enthusiastic partners in Kim Jackson and her son, Jacob. Jacob had been to a similar camp in California, and he and his mother were eager to provide local kids with a similar opportunity. This melding of passions was the spark that ignited others to join in on the effort, and Camp LUCK was born.

Jacob Jackson

Family Camp was an introduction to the idea of a future Kids Camp for the families in Levine Cardiac Kids, and it was a resounding success. After our first Family Camp, we formed a Board of Directors and began the hard work of creating a Kids Camp. Several months after our first Family Camp, Jacob Jackson died after his last of many surgeries for his heart defect. The Camp LUCK community was devastated, but we all knew how much Jacob wanted to have a Kids Camp for his friends with heart problems.  Jacob’s death turned that spark into a bonfire! All of us were re-energized to create this camp as Jacob’s legacy.

Since 2010, we have had our annual family camp. Our inaugural Kids Camp was held in 2012 and continue to grow each year. Jacob has been with us every step of the way. His initials are on our logo, and his memory is forever in our hearts. We believe that there is no finer legacy than Camp LUCK. We have brought joy to many kids and their families, and we've only just begun! Come join in on the fun!