Kids Camp

August 5-10, 2018

Camp LUCK Kids Camp is a medically supervised resident camp for kids with heart disease and one sibling. It is located at Camp Cherokee, which is nestled in 7,000 beautiful acres at Kings Mountain State Park.

Our goal at Camp LUCK is to provide a positive experience that helps everyone reach their potential by building self-esteem, friendships and character in a safe environment. We want our "heart kids" to be "normal kids" for a week and participate in awesome activities that they might not normally be able to. One sibling has the opportunity to get this incredible experience as well.

These campers enjoy a wide variety of traditional and adventure programs such as swimming, hiking, athletics, canoeing, archery, dancing, rock climbing and much more.  Camp LUCK helps campers to appreciate the diversity of all people and become a part of a global community. Cabin life also plays an important role in teaching campers to be self reliant, cooperate with others and learn to make decisions while they are away from home.

Without a doubt, Camp LUCK will provide one of the most dynamic and life changing weeks for your child.  Come join in on Creating Lasting Friendships and Memories!


How do I know if my child is eligible for Camp LUCK?

1. All campers, "heart kids" as well as siblings, must be 7-14 years of age at the time of camp.
2. "Heart kids" are eligible if they have had open heart surgery at Levine Children's Hospital.
3. If they have not had open heart surgery at Levine Children's Hospital, "heart kids" are eligible if they are patients of either Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute, Novant Health Heart & Vascular Institute or Asheville Cardiology Associates AND meet one of these criteria:

  • Have had open heart surgery at another institution OR
  • Have significant structural or functional heart disease, as defined by the "heart kid's" pediatric cardiologist OR
  • Have significant arrhythmic heart disease, as defined by the "heart kid's" pediatric cardiologist OR
  • Have other heart disease which the pediatric cardiologist feels causes a significant impact on the child's life.

4. The definition of a sibling is someone with whom the heart kid lives a significant portion of the time.
5. We regret that Camp LUCK does not have the facilities or the staff to care for children with developmental disabilities or with physical disabilities unrelated to their hearts.
6. If you have questions about your child's eligibility for Camp LUCK, please ask your pediatric cardiologist, or ask Dr. Herlong.