Below are the stories of some of our members. Click on the names of the children's stories you would like to read. We hope you find our stories helpful and hopeful.

Corarctation of the Aorta
Madelynn Addler

Corarctation of the Aorta, TGA, 2 VSD's, ECMO, G-tube/Mic-Key button, ASD add by Dr.'s
Carter T Anderson

Critical Aortic Stenosis resulting in a Heart Transplant, New Heart had Coarctation of Aorta and ASD repaired. Nissen Fundoplication, G Tube
Graham Baakko

HRHS, BT Shunt, Glenn Shunt
Charles “Ford” Mauntel

Interrupted Aortic Arch,VSD, ASD, Reoccurring Coarctation x 2, Sub-Aortic Stenosis, Bicuspid Aortic Valve, AV Heart Block
Richard James

Single Ventricle- Double Inlet
Mary McKenzie

Tetralogy of Fallot - two surgeries. 6 months to correct VSD and Stenosis at pulmonary valve. 5 years old pulmonary valve replacement.

CaringBridge Website

Many of our member's have CaringBridge sites. The easy to use website helps you create a site for your child. No more calling everyone with updates.

Just give your friends and family the link to your child's website and they can check up on your child when it is convenient for them.

If you need help setting up the website, visit the Family Resource Center on the 2nd floor in LCH and someone will be glad to help you.