Skylar Christian Myers

HLHS, Norwood Procedure, Nissen Procedure, G-tube/Mickey Button, Heart Transplant


When I first learned I was pregnant, my heart raced with the excitement of a “first-time” mom. I lived for checkups to hear the heartbeat, and I eagerly anticipated the ultrasound to find out, “boy” or “girl.” Imagine how my spirits soared when I heard “boy,” and then sank when I was given a devastating diagnosis. My precious son had only half a heart (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). After birth, he would have a slim chance of survival. I had only one choice. I had to BELIEVE. This became my mantra.

Skylar Christian had his first open heart surgery on April 10, 2008, when he was just four days old. Over the next three months, he was in and out of the hospital for various surgical procedures. I almost lost him several times, but my “Rockstar” continued to fight. He BELIEVED.

My son’s spirit was contagious, and he soon had the entire hospital intrigued with his story. Everyone celebrated when he made progress, and when he experienced setbacks, his medical team and support staff rallied around him. His story became so popular, that even the “paparazzi” of the Levine Children’s Hospital began videotaping every major event to capture the inspiration that Sky’s story provided. They BELIEVED.

But Sky’s heart was failing. He was placed on the national transplant list, and because of his critical need, he was listed as #1 for the entire East Coast. Placing my newborn on a heart transplant list made me realize we had run out of options. Sky needed a new heart and there was nothing that I could do but wait and pray. I felt helpless having to wave the white flag, yet I remained content in knowing that it was completely God’s will from that point on. But I BELIEVED.

July 17th was a solemn day as I sat and watched my son struggle to breathe. I prayed a heart would be donated to Sky before his own stopped beating. While my faith was tested, it never wavered. I had the support of hundreds of family, friends, and strangers from across the country, who all followed our daily blog. They BELIEVED.

Then, at 5 pm that day, exactly six days after Sky was listed for transplant, a miracle happened. Dr. Larry Watts entered our room and announced that a heart was available. My heart leapt for joy, but also broke for the parents who lost their baby to save mine.

Today, despite a lengthy scar, you would never know that my 9-month old son has endured more than most of us will in a lifetime. From such a tiny little man, I have learned so much about strength, perseverance, patience, and faith. I also have learned how powerful the prayers and beliefs of perfect strangers can make a difference in our lives. People I may never meet have not only touched my heart, but they have helped give my son a new one.

For that, I will ALWAYS BELIEVE!

Skylar is the son of Greg and Rikki Myers and was born April 6, 2008. The family resides in Mooresville, NC. You may contact the family for more info or with questions at